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Promise to the landfill, the mummy of a small Egyptian girl born a few centuries before Christ will finally come to the museum. Fell from the sky during a collection of bulky items in 2001 in Paris, Ta-Iset was restored soon to be exposed.
Of course the one that was first dubbed "Toutemcombrant 1" before being identified, we know almost nothing. It owes its rescue in extremis to road workers. Faced with this object at least surprising deposited on a car Rueil-Malmaison (Hauts-de-Seine),buy mens canada goose jacket they have the presence of mind to warn the local museum that quickly confirms: it is a mummy in the coffin .
The lady is cleared disappeared without a name. "I could not even describe it, it went very quickly," said Jean-Louis Parichon, Deputy to the road. "When people arrive they are asked what they have to evacuate,canada goose mens winter jackets whether it's wood or scrap. It was said" Must be the wood "and the lady replied + No it's a mummy "
When she said that, "we looked at the object, the more the lady and later with the panic, the lady is gone ..."
Despite calls to witness it never manifested, keeping to herself the mystery of the origins of the small mummy of 92 cm, sorry Marie-Aude Picaud,canada goose mens foxe bomber director of the museum of local history.
canada goose jacket kensington A mystery which science has answered partially. Ta-Iset, whose name is written on the carton to protect it, is a girl of four to five years, revealed a scan performed soon after its discovery.
She probably lived in the region of Akhmim, in Upper Egypt town on the right bank of the Nile, between 365 and 170 BC, indicate the carbon 14 dating and stylistic study of its cartons.
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